What? Say it isn’t so… (It is.)

Because I’ve known all of this for years and years, I told my now-husband, “If you do get me an engagement ring of any sort, I will not marry you.” And I meant it. You know what he got me instead? Sand (long story), and I loved the thought behind it more than any other rock.

We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary in about a month, and I’m still glad that he listened to me, knowing me well enough that his friends’ admonitions that “She’s just saying that! All women want a diamond ring!” fell on deaf ears. Some women don’t buy into “tradition” simply for tradition’s sake, especially when the reason behind a so-called tradition is simply a bunch of dollar signs. I guess Adam was wrong about one thing: some men do get out of buying a worthless ring, because their girlfriends know the score.